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Garth Nix is an Australian Author, about whom this Wikia is written. He has three major International bestselling series:
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The Old Kingdom series - Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen; The Keys to the Kingdom series - Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday; and The Seventh Tower series - The Fall, Castle, Aenir, Above the Veil, Into Battle, and The Violet Keystone. As well as a number of stand-alone novels.

Keys To The Kingdom Biography Edit

Garth Nix was born on a Saturday in Melbourne, Australia, and got married on a Saturday, to his publisher wife, Anna. So Saturday is a good day. Garth used to write every Sunday afternoon because he had a number of day jobs over the years that nearly always started on a Monday, usually far to early. These jobs have included being a bookseller, an editor, a PR consultant and a litery agent. Tuesday has always been a lucky day for Garth, when he recieves good news, like the telegram (a long time ago, in the day of telegrams) that told him he had sold his first short story or just recently when he heard his first novel Abhorsen had hit The New York Times bestseller list. Wednesday canbe a let down after Tuesday, but it was important when Garth served as a part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, because that was training night. Thursday is now particually memorable because Garth and Anna's son, Thomas was born on a Thursday Afternoon. Friday is a very popular day for most people, but since Garth has become a full-time writer it has no longer marked the end of the working week. On any day, Garth may generally be found near Coogee Beach in Sydney, where he and his family live.