Hedge is a powerful necromancer who serves as the primary antagonist of Lirael and Abhorsen, Orannis. He attempts to excavate the bound form of Orannis near the Red Lake and unite them. Towards the end of Abhorsen, he confronts Lirael at the Ninth Gate and is defeated when he is knocked off balance and cannot resist the call of the gate.

Hedge's origins are uncertain, but it is implied that he was born in Ancelstierre, and served as a Scout at The Wall before becoming a Free Magic sorcerer. His age is at the time of Lirael is unknown.

Fight in the Ninth Deminse of DeathEdit

Hedge tried to attack Lirael in the 9th Deminse of Death - where spirits move on to their final death. He can't look at the Stars because it's a necromancer's nature to deny the call. They put spells on themselves to protect themselves from the call. He binds the Disreptuable Dog with Saraneth, to stop her destroying him. Lirael is forced to fight him and would have failed, had the Dog not broken free of Saraneth's bind. She snuck up behind Hedge and tripped him, causing him to land on his back and see the stars. He immediately stopped fighting and moved on to the next plane. It was then revealed that Hedge made a deal with Orannis to destroy the world, leaving Hedge the only mortal left standing. 

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