Necromantic bells are the tools or weapons wielded by a necromancer. There are seven bells, each named after one of the Seven who created the Charter. It can be inferred that ringing each invokes the power of the associated Seven, but this is not directly mentioned in the series. The bells generally grow more difficult to wield properly as their size and power increase, and they usually have a negative effect to the wielder if used without proper care. The bells are described as typically being worn and stored in pouches on a bandolier.

The Bells have the following names and abilities (and are listed in order of size):

  • Ranna - Brings Sleep to the listener
  • Mosrael - Has See-Saw effect of bringing the listening dead into life, and the ringer futher into death.
  • Kibeth - Forces something to walk, following the ringer's will.
  • Dyrim - Alters the power of speech.
  • Belgaer - Affects thoughts (splintering memory or bringing thoughts back).
  • Saraneth - Binds the Dead to the ringer's will.
  • Astarael - 'Weeper' sends all who hear it deep into death.