Prince Sameth is a character created by Garth Nix and he occurs in the books Lirael and Abhorsen. He is the son of King Touchstone I and Abhorsen Sabriel, and the brother of Princess (and Heir Apparent) Ellimere. His parents believe him to be the Abhorsen-in-Waiting since Ellimere is the Heir Apparent, but in actuallity he is a Wallmaker - the first in millenia. He is terrified of Death, after a run-in with the Necromancer Hedge in Death but he is proven to be courageous in battle - he is willing to sit with a mere arrow shield between himself and an arrow. He is loyal (he's willing to enter Death to defend his friends despite the fact that he could flee & he goes after his friend Nick to protect him), resourceful (he can create useful toys such as a bug-catching frog) and powerful (he has a great knowledge of the charter and is able to forge the sword required to seperate Orannis). His key skills lay in Charter Magic  - most specifically Toy Making charter magic and prefers to spend his time making Toys in his Workshop than anything else.
Sameth - Artist's Representation

Sameth - Artist's Representation

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