Lady Friday cover

Lady Friday's Cover

The Keys To The Kingdom are a series of Books Written by Garth Nix. The first title, Mister Monday came out in 2003 and the last title Lord Sunday was released in Mid-2009.

([Incredibly] Basic) Plot Summary Edit

The Books follow the quest of Arthur Penhaligon,(Rightful Heir to the Architect), and his adventures through the strange place known as the House. During his journey Arthur frees each part of The Will from the Morrow Days, and finds each of the The Keys. Through his travels he meets many charecters, some who oppose him and some who wish to help him.

Books In The Series Edit

So Far all of the Seven books have been published.

    *Mister Monday
    *Grim Tuesday
    *Drowned Wednesday
    *Sir Thursday
    *Lady Friday
    *Superior Saturday
    *Lord Sunday